Free Printable Eye Charts

Since I started trying to reverse my myopia and control my child’s myopia progression, I’ve found eye charts to be handy. During the pandemic with distance learning and increase in computer use, I have used eye charts as a way to check my kids’ vision regularly. However, I’ve also found that those sneaky kids have memorized the eye charts so it’s harder for me to check their vision accurately! So below I’ve included links to the best free printable eye charts that I found online as well as links to some eye charts that I can customize

Standard charts typically come in two formats, one designed for 10 feet viewing distance and one for 20 feet (6 meters) viewing distance. The 10 feet (3 meters) chart is useful when you don’t have enough space for a 20 feet check. 

Best, free standard eye charts

These were the best, free eye charts that I could find online:

20 feet, 6 meter – free standard eye chart in PDF format

10 feet, 3 meter – free standard eye chart in PDF format

Free, customizable eye charts 

I also made my own, so I could occasionally change the lettering. To customize either of the charts below, log in to your Google account while you are accessing the Google document. Select “make a copy” and modify the letters and spacing however you want in your copy. (Be sure to print them on default settings and not “custom scale” or “fit to page,” etc. as it will throw off the size of the printed letters.)

20 feet 6 meters customizable eye chart – 1

10 feet 3 meters customizable eye chart – 1

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