About Me

An image for a page on why I write about parenting, allergies, health, myopia, children, and bilingualism, and education
We eat a lot.

Hi there, I’m a mom to two kids in a bi-cultural household. I’m sharing everything I’m gradually learning about kids, OIT, allergies, health, parenting, myopia control, education, and more. As someone who is obsessive about doing my best to make good decisions for my family and myself, I’ve spent a lot of time researching various things, big and small – from how shoes should fit a toddler to why ice shouldn’t be used to treat injuries. When reading about these different topics, I often learn things that I wish I knew before. And I would think how nice it would have been if I could have just a brief primer on those topics so I wouldn’t have to pull all the information together myself. 

One day, I realized that I should just organize and pull together all the random things I’ve read about, and so here we are! Maybe it’ll save you or someone else a little research time. Some day my kids can read the posts and see why mommy was “that mom.” Hahaha.

How I choose my topics

I’m inspired to research things that impact any decisions that I make for my children, my elderly parents, or my lifestyle, etc. I post on anything I spend some decent amount of time researching online or through real people (fancy that). If I get new, notable information on a previous topic, then I may update previous posts. The research is never perfect and in the end, I just have to choose at the risk level that I’m comfortable with.  

Finally, I’m always interested in other people’s opinions and experiences in all the topics that I write about, so please feel free to share or email me at wishiknewbefore20@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!

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