Health Insurance Plan Comparison Spreadsheets

Recently, we were choosing between a variety of health insurance plans. Before I thought to look online, I had already made my own, but I guess that’s all well and good because it was a nice, eye-opening experience to think through the ridiculous rules of each of the health insurance plans myself.  Later on, I found a few different health plans spreadsheets online that I thought were helpful and collected the links here. There are also various calculators and comparison widgets on health websites, but they hide the logic and calculations they’re using to compare, so it’s not as useful. In the end, it’s a bit like picking stocks because of the assumptions and guesses you have to make about your future needs, but I still found it more useful than not thinking about it at all. Hope some of these are helpful to you too.

What I Found

These two spreadsheets that I found on the forums of Mr. Money Moustache and Reddit are quite similar and straightforward to use. They compare a PPO plan to an HDHP w/HSA. They graph out the costs of the plans based on medical costs which is helpful to see around what cost point that the plans are most cost-effective. Again, it comes down to what you think your costs are likely to be:

This one posted by Anisha Sekar on had a thoughtful, step by step post accompanying the spreadsheet:

I also liked this spreadsheet on (interesting site, BTW, and worth further review for those of us who like spreadsheets!). The poster did a nice job of talking through the logic behind the calculations:

My Spreadsheet(s)

Health Insurance Plan Comparison V1 – February 2020:

Health Insurance Plan Comparison V2 – May 2020:

(To use either of these spreadsheets, log in to your Google account while you are accessing the spreadsheet, then you will be able to select “make a copy” and modify it however you want in your Google Drive)

I created a tab to help me estimate my usage costs, and then another tab to see how the different deductible amounts for the plans actually played out based on my estimated costs. If you catch some obvious errors, I would love to be notified! In the February 2020 spreadsheet, I was comparing an HDHP w/HSA with 4 different PPO plans (different deductibles, copays, coinsurance).  In May 2020, our plan options changed yet again, so I had to modify the spreadsheet to reflect different calculations for having separate in-network and out of network deductible accruals, etc.

We’ll see how useful these are when I try to use it again next year. And hopefully all the notes I put in there will remind me of the logic I used!


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