Where to Dispose of Expired Epipens

Updated as of 10/18/22

I discovered that it was unbelievably difficult to properly dispose of expired and/or used Epipens, injectors, and medications. Here’s a summary of the first 50 Internet search results: “Take expired EpiPens to a doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy for disposal.”

NOT!!! Our local Walgreens wouldn’t take them. Our doctor’s office wouldn’t take them. Our local police station would only take old medications. Even our allergist’s office said no. I carried around a bag of our expired Epipens for a couple of years, trying to get these “drop-off locations” to take them. Our collection of expired Epipens and injectors was growing into a very large pile.

photo credit: Med-Project

How to Dispose of Expired or Used EpiPens

I eventually found a couple, more reliable resources:

#1 Med-Project, an organization that provides you with the packaging and an address to mail your disposal. Better than schlepping your expired EpiPens, back and forth across town. Depending on your location, they also provide a local list of mail back or drop off kiosks for other products like expired medications and inhalers.

Enter your zipcode on their site to see what your area’s options are:


#2 Safe Needle Disposal, this resource for disposing of medical sharps would include your expired/used EpiPens):


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