Reversing Myopia: Update #1

Reducing myopia: Going the other way seems doable. . . but slow

It has been about one year since I began trying to reverse myopia and I am relatively encouraged by the results after visiting the optometrist to validate my progress. If you’re new to trying to reduce your myopia, check out this post first: 

  • Going off of the contact lens prescription, my right eye improved by -1.00 diopter. My left eye improved by -1.25 diopters
  • Going off of the spectacle prescription, both my eyes improved by about -0.50 diopters (SPH), and neither eye needs astigmatism correction -0.50 (CYL) to see 20/20. 
  • I read on this post that the average rate of change on eye improvement forums seems to be about 0.25 to 0.75 diopters per year. 

In order to minimize variation in measuring my eyesight, I made sure to go to the same optometrist (actually, I’ve been to the same one for the last 13 years). Here is a chart of the optometrist prescription changes and my own reduced lens RXs over the last year:

Eye Exam DateGlasses RX (from optometrist)Contact Lens RX (from optometrist)My Reduced Glasses RX for reversing myopia during this time
October 2018Corrected to see 20/15:
R: -8.00 w -0.50 astigmatism
L: -6.25 w -0.50 astigmatism
Corrected to see 20/20:
R: -7.50
L: -6.50
I first started wearing reduced lens June 2019:
R: -7.25 w -0.50 astigmatism
L: -6.00 w -0.50 astigmatism
End of September 2019Corrected to see 20/15:
R: -8.00, no more astigmatism
L: -6.25 w -0.50 astigmatism

Corrected to see just up to 20/20:
R: -7.5, no more astigmatism
L: -5.75 w -0.50 astigmatism
Corrected to 20/20:
R: -7.00
L: -6.00
In October 2019, I started wearing:
R: -7.25 
L: -6.00 
Early August 2020Corrected to see 20/15:
R: -7.5
L: -5.75 w -0.50 astigmatism

Corrected to see just up to 20/20:
R: -7
L: -5.75 (no astigmatism correction)
Corrected to 20/20:
R: -6.50
L: -5.25
In March 2020, I started wearing:
R: -7.00 
L: -5.75 

Things that may have contributed to this vision improvement

I do think the improvement is significant enough to indicate that something about the reduced lens method could be working. At the current rate, I will have decent vision without glasses in 5-6 more years! Here are all the things that may (or may not) have contributed to this improvement:

  • I wore reduced lens by about 0.25 diopter from 20/20. Each time, I started to see 20/20 with my glasses, I reduced the lenses by 0.25 diopters more. For what it’s worth, -0.50 amount of astigmatism (CYL)  is approximately 0.25 (SPH) according to this helpful manual. I find that to seem about right in my own testing.
  • I did not wear differential lenses (for close up work) as suggested by some myopia reversal sites. It’s a bit of work to do that.
  • I tried to incorporate regular eye breaks during screen time with this cool timer (that I originally bought for my kids).  I used eye charts as a way to check my vision in a consistent way. Unfortunately, I still sometimes have 2-3 hours of uninterrupted screen time when I’m really focused. I used eye charts as a way to check my vision in a consistent way.
  • I averaged 6.5-7 hours of sleep at night. I’m trying to bring that up to 7-8 hours.
  • I average 1-2 hours outdoors everyday. 
  • I drank chrysanthemum tea with goji berries about 1-2x week on average.
  • I’m in my forties. According to some accounts, this is when distance vision gets a little better and close vision gets more difficult – but not typically by a lot.

Things to note

  • Night vision – on endymyopia, many folks seem to say night vision is challenging despite improvements to daytime vision. I agree night vision is definitely not as good as day vision, but I am probably still seeing 20/25 at night. My optometrist said that even measured at 20/20, I could expect my night vision to feel especially worse, because I was used to a certain amount of clarity at night (because I can be corrected to see 20/15 and am used to that clarity). 
  • Despite not doing a whole lot of conscious active focusing or print pushing or wearing a differential lens, my eyes did improve. I’m guessing that I will need to step up the active focusing on things, the next year to come if I want to keep improving my vision.

Thoughts? More info? Better info? Questions? I’m all ears. Email me at: or leave a comment below.