IGE and Oral Immunotherapy (OIT): Sample Size of 2

I’ve received many questions about what the kids’ IGE numbers have been since they began oral immunotherapy. I was definitely curious when I was researching OIT and I like to see numbers too, so I’ve posted them below. Basically, the numbers trend downwards since OIT. Unfortunately, the numbers were already down from their peak before they began OIT (2019), so I won’t ever know if the continued downward trend is due to OIT or if they were on their way to becoming less allergic anyway. Below I list the raw data, and then graphed. I don’t have 2022 numbers, so check back after this summer for those.

Peanuts and IGE

YearTotal IGE (IU/mL)Peanut IGE (kU/L)Ara h 2 IGE (kU/L)F447-IGE Ara 6 IGE (kU/L)
202041317.314.8no data
(numbers right before OIT start) 201927918.717.3no data
2018420no data41no data
2017no datano data31.1no data
201689.211.623.7no data
20151195.19no datano data

Pistachios, Cashews, and IGE

YearTotal IGEPistachioCashew Component (F202)Cashew Component (F443-IGE Ana o 3)
(numbers right before OIT start) 20193263.412.841.9
2017no data4.353.62no data
20162681.921.45no data
2015no data3.673.08no data


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